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About Us

Four Seasons Imaging MRI Facilities has earned accreditation by the American College of Radiology.  This means that the equipment, technologists, and radiologists have met standards implemented by the ACR for safety and quality assurance.

  • doc2Four Seasons Imaging began in October of 2007 in Nashua, New Hampshire and expanded services to Manchester in 2009
  • Our Medical Director is Damon Spitz, MD from New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Radiologist fee included
  • Radiologists are exclusively board-certified and also have additional sub-specialty expertise

Why Choose Four Seasons Imaging?

  • The benefits of having your MRI at an ACR accredited facility
  • Same technology and quality you’d get at the hospital, at 40% to 70% less
  • You will leave with a copy of your MRI the same day
  • The ordering physician will have your results within 24 hours